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Resketching My Bio… Even Further

In a sentence:
“Jon Blogetery has worked as a salesman, in non-profit, a business development associate, public speaker and a freelance graphic designer with the long term goal of collaborating with a team that incorporates several aspects of media.”

In a paragraph:
“I have worked as a salesman, in non-profit, a business development associate, public speaker and a freelance graphic designer with the long term goal of collaborating with a team that incorporates several aspects of media. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communications specializing in Advertising and Promotions and am currently working on my Master’s in Interactive Communications.  Graphic design has been a passion for several years, but I am seeking to further develop my creative skills and find a place in the job market where I can truly ultilize my abilities in a field in which I am passionate about.”

Tracing The Sketch

“Your first job is to get your story down as you remember it—now. Don’t look over your shoulder to see what relatives are perched there. Say what you want to say, freely and honestly, and finish the job.”  – William Zinsser

I initially did not know what I wanted to talk about in my biosketch. I took Zinsser’s advice and wrote about where I am right now at this stage of my career. I was afraid to admit that a job I took that was supposed to be my “next step” and the opportunity had not worked out. That was the catalyst to enroll in graduate school. Why wouldn’t I talk about it? After all, as Zinsser says, it is an “act of healing.”

It is important for me to be honest, but not be disrespectful. Who wants to hear about my sour grapes anyway? A line from the film, Reservoir Dogs, that always stood out to me was, “You gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite?” Thinking of this line, I realized I needed to move my bio to that “bite,” or in this case, my career goals.

What inspired me was Zinsser’s account of a woman that had a great story about a trip to Wyoming when she 15 for her memoir. It was a great story, but did not progress the story. Analogies and short term goals for the semester did not really progress my story, it just made the path longer to the main goal. I actually enjoyed trimming the bio as well. Authors I read tend to go long as it their style and I am trying to find my own. I have to come to grips with that this is their style, not mine, but the inspiration is still present.

Resketching My Bio

The following is an update to my initial biosketch

As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Not always true, especially in my case. I have known my best friend for well over 20 years, yet we have been friends for the past 15 years. Ex-girlfriends have said I wound up being completely different from my initial introduction (which is good thing/backhanded compliment). It took months of persistence for an old boss to give me an opportunity at graphic design. When she gave me that chance, she did not regret it, we became a great marketing team and later, even friends. What does this tell you about me? Well, apparently either people just have little faith in me initially or I do no leave a great first impression. I’ll go with the latter and I hope to change this starting now.

At various points in life, I have worked as a salesman, in resource development for a non-profit agency, a business development associate, a marketing assistant, an aspiring freelance graphic designer and have even a little bit of public speaking. I love to communicate. The one constant in all of my previous jobs is that I have been told I am a character. The good news is that I have also been told to embrace this (but not too much) and it helps leave that better impression.

My reason enrolling in the Interactive Communications graduate program is that I like taking the road less traveled in problem solving. My father once asked me why I progressively got worse in math classes growing up. My answer is that getting from “Point A to Point B” never really holds my interest. I have always tended been a subjective thinker.  My goal is to have a career in which I can wake up in the morning and be passionate about what I do for a living.

I graduated a few years ago with a B.S. in Communication with a specialization in Advertising and Promotions. Unfortunately, I did not fully embrace whatever creative juices I thought I had until my last couple of years in the program. Before I knew it, I was ready to graduate, but was not ready to stop learning. Continuing education was a logical step, prevented by the necessity of making money to pay off the previous educational experience. Hence, the real world…

Career-wise, things have been up and down. I have been lucky enough to work for a non-profit agency that really embraced new media and let me run with different creative strategies. I then moved onto a job that was afraid of change and transparency in strategies, which feels like the opposite of what I have learned. Who am I to say what is right or wrong at this stage of my career? Hence, the next step, graduate school. I want to work with a passionate, energetic group that is free of creative restraints encompassing many of my passions like graphic design, audio, video production, maybe even infuse some of that “character” and humor in my work as well. Sure, it is a dream at this point, but it does not feel that far off and is something I can accomplish.