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Weary, Leary & Honest

In my last post, I wrote about my chosen profession/career path and why it, for lack of a better term, sucks. Why would I insult what I believe in? I think it is healthy to see the glass half empty and half filled. I usually see things from the half-filled perspective, but I am far from flawless. Why wouldn’t I question my career path?

The best thing I have discovered in writing on this blog is finding myself (career-wise, at least). I know of people that write letters when they are extremely upset at those close to them and no, I have not been the recipient of one (yet). It sounded immature, but I kind of get that now. Putting my fears about being a graphic designer on paper (or computer) was cathartic. It was an outlet to vent my fears, but importantly reminds me why I continue to put time into it in the first place. This made my thesis (graphic design is not for everyone) easy to write. The words flowed.

Stand Up & Be Yourself

A Bold Thesis

I love stand-up comedy. The vulnerability of someone standing on stage in front of a group of strangers, taking the risk of being loathed or adored, is something I can appreciate. A couple of weeks ago, I saw comedian Denis Leary perform, along with a few of his comic friends from the show, Rescue Me. The one quality that all of the good comics shared was honesty. They talked about family, weight gain, old drug habits, intimacy (or lack thereof), marital issues, life mistakes and embarrassing stories. They put themselves out there and talked only about what they knew.

Now I am not saying, I will post all of my deepest, funniest or most embarrassing stories, but after watching the comics be brutally honest with the audience, I feel relieved. It does not matter if you have your own television show/tour, people still have issues. People still have doubts about their career. I once doubted if I could write about graphic design all summer. A goal in this blog, is to be honest with myself and the readers. As long as I do that, the well will never dry up. Now, it’s off to my next goal, avoiding clichés.