Write or Right?

“When you’re not concerned with succeeding, you can work with complete freedom.”Larry David

Long before Photoshop and the term “interactive communications” was coined, I wanted to be a writer. I knew I could not draw and was a pragmatic enough child to know that being the star quarterback for the New York Giants was not going to be a reality. I liked to write. I felt no matter how bad my penmanship was if what I had to say was strong enough, writing would be the life for me.

Enthusiasm Curbed

My grammar school teachers praised my efforts and even though I was a lazy teenager, my high school teachers told me I had flashes of potential. Then I was off to college. Some professors used intimidation tactics and seemed more focused on making sure we had the correct MLA format rather than the actual content of the paper. I was interested in writing what resonated with me. I had also been sidetracked with discovering my creativeness through other means of technology along the way.  Just like that, my dream of becoming a writer was a mere afterthought.

Not long after college, I revisited my first creative passion and started writing under a surname for a couple blogs ranging in tone to sports to just goofing around with friends. Writing became fun again. Larry David’s quote I mentioned above is a breath of fresh air for me. I just wrote what I knew and did so with creative freedom.

A Blog About Nothing?

My niche here is graphic design. I see it as being creative and will always talk about it in some form, but beating the reader over the head with it wouldn’t appeal to me. If design is subjective, why must I have a dominant, underlying theme in every blog I write?

Maybe to a fault, I watched Seinfeld at a young age and loved the show. He played on the show what he really is, a comedian. Of course, there were some extrapolations of who he really is on the show. At the same time, I talk about what inspired me as a child to where I’m at presently. Does it tie back to design? Yes or at least, eventually. I hope to convey my passion for design and make that clear to you, the reader. At best, writing will help me articulate who I am and help me establish an online presence, which is increasingly important in today’s digital world. At worst, I get to write with creative freedom and have fun. It’s a win-win.

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