Pitches and Proposals (Module 8)

Proposal 1: Design Source


Ideas are almost never conceived perfectly. Design Source can take your idea to the next level, develop an eye-catching design and find the job right for you.

Elevator Pitch

Nobody ever said brainstorming was easy. Many organizations that have a marketing team simply cannot afford a graphic designer with all of today’s cutbacks in the business. Trying to find a designer with fair rates is not as easy as finding a repairman in a phone book. Design Source takes design and crowd-sourcing (outsourcing tasks) to the next level. It gives designers the opportunity and platform to showcase their portfolio and website, but also serve as a way for companies and agencies to hire, recruit and discover designers. Designsource.com connects the client with the designer, all in one source.


Are you a client looking for the right design? Are you a designer looking to showcase your talents? Let Designsource.com be your bridge to creative networking. Many websites offer online communities to showcase portfolios, but tie in a product you have to use and edit. With Design Source, there are no gimmicks. For designers, just link to your website or embed your pictures and videos. For organizations, agencies and recruiters, post your job listings. It is a way for designers and clients to create, explore and connect. Its taking the work or potential work you have and sharing it with a community dedicated to making the client/designer relationship as smooth as possible, all in one place.

Find creativity. Share creativity. Design Source.

Proposal 2: Barbara Healy Associates

Editor’s Note: Pitches and proposals are a big part design process. In my short time as a freelancer, most of my dealings with clients have been informal. For the purposes of this proposal (and growth in my business/professional etiquette), I will be referring to an actual client that I am still continuing to work with to develop her brand, both aesthetically and marketing-wise .


Barbara Healy Associates is a consulting practice focused on developing people, organizations and creating solutions. We believe that people are the key to the success of any organization.

Elevator Pitch

In a time of economic downturn, many people don’t know where to turn or what their next step will be. Our mission is to develop people and create solutions for their professional needs. Are you trying to develop leadership within your organization? Are you an individual looking to facilitate the “next step” or transition in your career? Barbara Healy Associates helps you with these difficult decisions in an increasingly complex professional landscape.


In terms of promotions, I am laying out an overview, goals, objectives and solutions on what pieces need to be in place for a successful design.


Barbara Healy Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to helping people with their career goals and is looking for a full branding effort, both web and print.

Goals and Objectives
Barbara Healy Associates is in need of a corporate identity to showcase its offerings in the business consulting industry. The company is in need of a corporate logo, business card design, company letterhead, website graphics and brochure. These marketing materials will help set the tone for the brand and business. The tone for the graphics will be light, cool colors that convey a sense of femininity as well professionalism.


The development of an original, corporate identity and marketing package.

This package will include:

  • A corporate logo
  • Business card design
  • Company letterhead
  • Billboard design
  • Merchandise brochure

The marketing pieces will work together to continuity among the materials to showcase the new company as a highly regarded career and business consultant.

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3 Responses
  1. stacy gitlin says:

    Hi John,
    Your first pitch is a good idea. Every niche needs a networking site and the more specific to the niche the better. That way your not rummaging around resumes or companies that won’t relate to your field. If I understand the pitch, it is more than a job/employee search. You can share ideas as well. My only thought on this pitch the elevator and proposal are fairly similar. A proposal should give more depth and insight into the ins and outs of your idea.
    Idea number 2 is a bit more confusing for me. Are you pitching the company or the way you plan to promote the company? I don’t much of a critique for you since I’m not completely sure what to critique.

  2. Ashley Fraser says:

    I will be critiquing based on the video for elevator pitches that was attached to the lecture.
    #1 Design Source
    This is a good idea and a good opening but not all that easy to understand. I would take out any remotely technical terms (crowd-sourcing and outsourcing tasks) and simply your speech. You won’t have time to explain what these mean. Your last sentence sums it all up really well. I would almost start with that. What makes your website better than the others that exist for this purpose? Is it because designers can publish a portfolio? Will it be number one in search results on google making it easy to find? Will it be staffed with recruiting agents? I think you need to point out at least one edge over the competition.

    #2 Barbara Healy
    This one is very succinct but not easy to understand at all. I have no idea what you are pitching in this speech. Is this a person, who is it for, why should I listen, what do I get out of this? You have two minutes to give your speech so I would try to add some clarifiers here.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you both for the feedback. I tried to give a bit of a backstory in Pitch #2 in the editor’s note by saying, yes, this is a real person and actual client that I am currently working with.

    Rather than pitching an idea in design, I decided to pitch a client’s personal branding with her consulting company. The client is a career coach/consultant and my goal is to market her business through text and design. I will make that clearer next time. Thanks.

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