LinkedIn or LinkedOut With The Audience?

I begrudgingly joined LinkedIn last summer. Thoughts of starting up yet another social media page did not seem like a task I wanted to undertake. I was relieved that I did not have to put much creativity in the page. LinkedIn is strictly business. Professional photo and information only. Clever tweets and Facebook photos are not required.

To Scratch or Not Scratch the Surface

This blog and Twitter are different for me. They are ways for me to explore my creativity and scratch beneath the surface of who I am. What’s the surface? The surface is LinkedIn. It is my 9 to 5 life. The site has a Twitter/status update option, but I choose not to use it. I find that most people just announce when they are getting back from a trip or attending a seminar. LinkedIn provides the voice I would want to convey at a job interview. It is the book I expect you to judge by its cover.

Voices in My Head

To really know me is to know a healthy dose of both “voices.” There is my blog/Twitter voice, which sometimes funny, honest and likes to tell stories (and ramble on). Then there is my LinkedIn, professional voice. This is the same voice that sends out Outlook emails and dresses business casual.  It is quick and to the point with facts I would want a potential employer to see. I think it is important to separate the two, as I wouldn’t want to get too casual with a professional audience, but I also would not want to talk to my audience here (you, the loyal reader) in a rigid fashion.

Linking Together

My blog is listed on my LinkedIn page. I look at LinkedIn as an online, straightforward resume. People that would look at my page may scan it quickly, but if they wanted to dig deeper, I’m comfortable with this blog listed there. I will just not go as far as to say what I would post on this forum on my LinkedIn page. With that said, for my next post, I am going to explore my very own LinkedIn page, as I am editing what I currently have. Does it do a good job of promoting my professional “brand?” Is it boring, bland or “corporate” compared to what you might read here? We shall see…

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