Bad Sketches, Better Designs

If I were to post a drawing or sketch I have done you would likely question why I would post something from the 2nd grade. Yet, even in my 20s, my hand-drawing/writing skills do not look like they have changed much.  My handwriting is horrible. This also translated into drawing. However, bad sketches doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad ideas.

Copycat Cousin

I grew up with one of my cousins and since he is only a couple years older than me, we were like brothers. He liked comic books, He-Man, the Los Angeles Lakers and so did I. Although he is now a police officer, in what feels like forever ago, he wanted to be a cartoonist as a child. Being the impressionable copycat that I was, I took a similar interest. Unlike my talented cousin, my drawings were crude and not good. They deteriorated into nothing more than a South Park-like caricature of a teacher for cheap laughs in high school.

Respecting The Process

Just when I thought I my creative drawing days were over, I had to take a graphic design class for my undergrad major. I was horrible at it. I was ashamed to ask simple questions and more embarrassed to have my peers see my rudimentary work, now in plain sight on a computer monitor. I waited until the last minute, put no effort into the creative process and failed by 1.4 points. After realizing how mortifying my upcoming student loans were going to be, I wanted to take the class again, the right way (and get my money’s worth). The goal was to brainstorm an idea, sketch it out and then create drafts in the desired graphic software. No longer was I running to the computer with big ideas and hoping for the best. I came to grips that while my drawings looked horrible, they helped me layout an idea to determine whether or not it could work. This process winds up saving me a lot of time. Just like writing, you cannot always seek out to write the great American novel in a couple sessions, you have write out your ideas, edit and discover what works.

From my early days of watching painter Bob Ross on PBS with my cousin (let’s face it, we just liked his hair), to trying my hand at drawing, to finding my own creative process, I feel as though I have come full circle in terms of drawing. Though my skills in that area have not really changed in 20 years, I can look back at sketches as the blueprint to success in a design.

Had To Be The Hair

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