Lofty Goals?

In my initial biosketch, I alluded to some goals. Graduate with my MS in Interactive Communications, get a good job, the usual. When looking at my resume, my objective states that “To obtain a challenging, diversified position that allows me to utilize my previous experience and education to promote the growth of a dynamic organization.” Translation: Be successful, make money, contribute to the organization, forge a career, blah, blah, blah. I just realized that I absolutely cannot stand my resume objective. I wish I could just be brutally honest and blunt on my resume, something like…

Objective 1: To work for someone that knows what they are talking about and is motivating to work for

Objective 2: To avoid corporate egos/politics and do my job to the very best of my abilities

Objective 3: Be an awesome boss and give me lots of money ASAP

You know, things like that (insert sarcasm). What do I really want to do? I have always been fascinated with entertainment, notably comedy. My brother and father used to watch old George Carlin specials on HBO and because we only had one television in the house (and it wasn’t my bedtime quite yet), I would fly under the radar and listen as a young child. It almost seemed therapeutic for George to be up on stage, ranting and raving, having the audience in the palm of his handing, no matter how big or small the subject matter. He could always take topics, from politics, religion or just language and put his own unique creative spin on them. I was hooked on laughter from there on. Shortly thereafter, I would watch shows like Saturday Night Live and The State and I loved the diverse nature of the sketches as well as the collaborate process.

So what’s my true goal in life? I have said for a long time, it is simply to do something that no one else I know (or at least, friends and family) is doing (positively, that is). I have no delusions of wanting to be a standup comedian or actor, but I simply would like to work in a collaborative group where creatively is encouraged and knows no limits, which I feel the graduate program is the best fit to get me started. Believe it or not, I wanted to be a writer many years ago. Graphic design, video and audio production took over my creative passions, but I want to see if I can get back into the groove in terms of writing, as it is an important part of the collaborative process.

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