I’m a Capricorn, I Like Long Walks on the Beach…

Hello, my name is Jon and welcome to the blog (if this is your first visit). First impressions can be a tricky, but in this web 2.0 (is that already a dated term yet?) world we now live in, it is a must.

At various points in my life, I have worked as a salesman, in resource development for a non-profit agency, a business development associate, a marketing assistant, an aspiring freelance graphic designer and have even a little bit of public speaking. One could say I love to communicate. The one constant in all of my previous jobs is that I have been told I am a character. The verdict is still out on is that is a great thing, but it makes the days interesting.

My reason enrolling in the Interactive Communications program is that I like taking the road less traveled in problem solving. My father once asked me why I progressively got worse in math classes growing up. My answer is that getting from “Point A to Point B” never really holds my interest. I have always tended been a subjective thinker.  My goal is to have a career in which I can wake up in the morning and be passionate about what I do for a living.

I graduated a few years ago with a B.S. in Communication with a specialization in Advertising and Promotions. Unfortunately, I did not fully embrace whatever creative juices I thought I had until my last couple of years in the program. Before I knew it, I was ready to graduate, but was not ready to stop learning. Continuing education was a logical step, prevented by the necessity of making money to pay off the previous educational experience. Hence, the real world…

I have been lucky enough to work for a non-profit agency that really embraced new media (something has to give during a recession) which was even recognized locally on New Channel 8 for efforts in Facebook, in a time in which business were (and still are) afraid of the unknown that is social media. I have enjoyed my experiences in the “real world” but feel that it is time to contribute even more to this world. The past three years post-undergrad have been moderately (not to be confused with monetarily) successful, but at some point I knew I needed to take the next step. After all, I’m sure Scott Baio did not intend to be known only as Chachi or Charles in Charge forever. At some point, you have to take a stand and want to better yourself and continue to grow. I have also worked as a graphic designer in my spare time and feel as though I have done relatively well on my own. Reading books and networking is always important, but I feel as though I have been lacking some skills to really make myself stand out a commodity in the job market.

In my free time, I have been writing a very light-hearted, comedic-themed blog and even recorded podcasts with friends, which has been a great outlet for keeping the creativity and wit sharp. This has always been something for just my friends to see, not really public, but would anyone really read or listen? How can I build an audience or online presence? These are answers I look forward to solving in the coming semester.

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  2. Stacy Gitlin says:

    Hi Jon,
    I am writing this on the heels of reading a critique you wrote for me. You mentioned you like the fact that I am quick and to the point and that you aren’t sometimes. I think that is not true. This sketch is fast and to the point. You didn’t spend too much time on any one piece of your story, which is a good thing. Something I battle with is getting away from the rant. Dulling the reader with run on sentences and anictodes that are only funny to me. You kept it brief, giving us the basic information we needed about you. You say you are a character and I can see that. A word of caution from one charater to another. I learned some of my lessons the hardway from friends and family that have now issue warning me against being over the top with my writing. Don’t let being the character control the voice of the true you. I always feel a need for the fast joke or quick wit. Only use it if it furthers the story telling. Easier said than done. I struggle with it each day. Even in this passage I had to delete sentences and re-write parts. I can see you’re writiings will be fun to read and I look forward to them. Looks like group B is going to be a winner.

  3. Ashley says:

    I really like the easy-going tone your writing seems to take. You can tell you are serious but there is a light-heartedness, such as when you refer to going back to school and the real world getting in the way. I too can relate to what you are writing about which if nothing else keeps it believable. We are all searching for our next big move. My only recommendation would be to include what it is about your previous jobs that you liked, more than just communicating or tell us something you have achieved. Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn a little.
    Look forward to the next one.

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