Not So Re-Animator

I have always been weary of animated GIF files. They remind of a late 90s, Web 1.0 style that you might see a website overdose on in a site potentially on Websites That Suck. For my website, I decided to keep animations basic (in Photoshop you don’t really have a choice). I took an original draft of the site background (before I added the tearing motions, which luckily I saved in advance) and had the tearing motion appear on screen. Try as I might, I guess having the paper actually have that tearing animation is probably an advanced Flash animation. To give this a sense of depth, I had the Hello my name is appear from under the torn paper layer and my name appear from the bottom of the torn paper layer in the same fashion. Lastly, I had the “Find Us” post-it note appear from beneath one of the “Latest News” square articles. I would have liked to have the animation have a slight half-circle rotation to it, but when I tried to transform the layer in one frame, the transformation carried over to the next frame.

*For those wondering I choose to have the animation run 3 times, it’s in case you missed it the first time, so you don’t have to refresh the page (NOT something I would do in the actual site).

Overall, I tried to keep the animation creative, but not gaudy. If anything, working with the GIF animation format has really sparked my interest in doing some more complex animations in the future.

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