Looking For My Creative State

My original concept for a website (way back in the 501 class) was to create a “nightlife” version of a social media site. Creating the idea and pitch was fun, but when it came down to the nuts and bolts of designing that website, it just was not something I was totally passionate about. A hobby turned into a very small side job for me is freelance graphic designing. I have always wanted to create some type of online portfolio, but never really had the time, patience or skill. While I’m still working on that last part, I was checking out some designer’s portfolio and came across a really great site called Creative State. They are a web design company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and naturally, the site is aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely user friendly.

creativestate.com frontpage (enlarged)

createstate.com (full view)

The design is clean and simple. While I am not a huge fan of the color brown for design, it works because of the contrast of the bright blue word “creative” in the logo. The banner up top is really the dominant portion of the site and words and sketches have a depth and texture to them. I like the projects showcased below the banner (2 per column) as they are straightforward and give the site a sense of visual balance. If I knew very little about design, what I wanted as a potential customer and/or was intimidated by the prospect of finding a company to work with, Create State would lessen these issues. For those with a short attention span, there is also a link up top that describes exactly what the company does in very simple, light-hearted terms. Even if you dislike the look of the site, you can even switch to a “sketch” mode, where it is the same site, just done over with a sketch filter look to it. The site also utilizes a lot of depth with some of the site having a “canvas” look to it, while other spots have what almost looks like wallpaper. I think this site has a visually appealing look and very easy to navigate, which is a great service to its customers.

Note: Within a day of initially researching this site, they have relaunched. The background and color schemes are largely still the same, but the banner has been replaced with rotating flash videos of their latest projects (they have some impressive clients!), but to me it is kind of visually distracting and the site lost some of its simplicity, although it is very impressive visually. I think this relaunch is a better customer experience in the end and showcases the company’s capabilities, so I understand the progression.

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