First Impressions

As stated in the previous post, I am creating a homepage for a website that will serve as an online portfolio for my graphic design work. One of the first roadblocks I came across was images to use. A very big bulk of design work I have done was for a nationally recognized non-profit organization. The issue here was if I could use some of the work I had done there in the design (I didn’t want to take the risk), so I just used work from clients that were okay with this along with some projects I have done in school to fill in the gaps.

Draft 1

For the above draft, I decide to make my “first impression” by showcasing my work subtly (or unsubtly depending on your thoughts) in the background set to grayscale. I then used the torn look I used for my fictional movie poster as a way to give the title focus. I choose the bright blue (you might see on a Hello, my name is…tag) to give the name of the company dominance but also contrast to the black and white montage. I chose the tabs up top to have different colors (primary and secondary) to create a balance of color, but also have each one of those colors represent the theme of their page (for instance, when clicking on the red About tab, the color of the Hello my name is would also change to red). To stay in line with the montage look of the site, I also included a post-it note of the social media icons (in a sketched design) to give the viewer other options on how to find us or bookmark us. The articles below the title (which would be aggregated from a blog) are snapshots of some of the most recent work, which I left at only 2, so the page has some balance to it. In the future, I think I would make the articles shorter on the front page.

Draft 2

For this draft, I decided to keep the “montage” theme, but simplify it. I wanted to take my design from draft 1 and turn it inside out in a way. Instead of having the montage as the main background, I changed it to the background of the article boxes, while leaving the Hello, my name is as the main background. I think it has more of a traditional website design to it. Initially, I liked my first design better (it certainly took a while to create), but draft 2 has a simpler look to it, while still keeping in line with my “cluttered montage” theme. While I am undecided on the bright blue background, I do think that it adds sense of contrast to the black and white article background.

I am still very undecided on which design I would move with moving forward (hopefully my peer reviews can help solve this), but at least this design has set up a blueprint to how the rest of the site can look. After all, our website homepages only have one shot to make a good first impression.

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