What’s The Meaning of This?

Australia Post

As I was searching the web for visually expressive pictures, the first one I found was for the Australia Post. There motto is “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.” In the ad, a shape of a man comes through the print and embraces the young lady. What I think the ad tries to convey is that more emotion goes into sending someone a letter. While it can be a little creepy (the guy looks like an invisible cloaked in a handwritten note), I still think it is a clever ad. Even in business, it is always a nice, personal touch to leave a handwritten note when thanking someone (although I write like a 5 year old, personally). I cannot really tell in great detail the text of the letter, but the website address is placed on the upper left and I can see the name Billy Joel on the arm of the note (perhaps music that the couple shares a common interest in). Like many ads do, the logo is placed on the bottom left, as with many ads it is the last thing the reader may see.

The Rubiks Cube

The next ad is for the Rubik’s Cube toy. The ad shows a grown woman still in girl’s clothes that no longer fit, still trying to solve the cube. Basically, the ad commemorates the 25th anniversary of the product, while showing that no matter how much time passes, some people still cannot solve the cube. The ad is set up as such that the woman has presumably stayed in the same room for 25 years and nothing around her has changed. Of note is the picture of her as a child on the upper right and the shag carpet, which were all the rage in the early 1980s as well as the old wallpaper. There is also a doll on the side and she is sitting in a small child’s chair. The clothes are too tight (from being outgrown), the pigtails are really long and her shoe straps are broken. If you look even closer, her toe and finger nails are very long. This is another case of the logo being placed on the lower left. I “get” the ad, but I think they should have had the actual cube have more color to it rather than the orange and white to help make that more of the center focus. All in all, the ad takes on the notion that the product has grown with us for 25 years…even if we choose not to.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Interesting choices! I agree with both of your comments regarding the Australia Post ad – it’s a little creepy, but mostly cool because it focuses on the truly personal touch of a handwritten message.

    The Rubiks Cube ad intrigues me. I understand that she is supposed to have been stuck in her room trying to figure it out for the last 25 years. But why is her hair now blond when it was brown in the photo on the wall? I, too, think they should have put the brighter colors of the toy forward to make it a stronger focal point. All in all, though, a very clever ad.

    Thanks for sharing!

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