Two Years, One Collage

In Hall’s Mark II’s blog, The Past Two Years, Collage Style, I could not help but be visually stimulated throughout. I may be a little biased (I like The Simpsons, Billy Joel, the New York Yankees, purple Chuck Taylor sneakers, and who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Muppets?), but this collage tells quite a story regardless. The past two years have certainly been a busy, exciting, whirlwind time for the creator and it reflects here. While in some collages, the overlapping over images can be distracting, I feel it works well here as it fits within the story. I really like how there was a lot of passion and personal experience put into the design, which helps tell the (in this case, autobiographical) story very well.

Hall’s Mark II’s The Past Two Years, Collage Style

I also appreciated the level of detail that went into creating the collage (as the explanation describes). I can also appreciate how the creator experimented with various blending options to find what worked best for her. In the future, when using the Magic Wand tool, try lowering the tolerance a bit. If you zoom in while doing this, you can really get out some details with the eraser you may not want (such as the background of the Christmas tree or the background for the Muppets) in future projects. I do particularly like how the creator blended in some of the graphics (like Mickey and Minnie) with the other images. Really great shot of the Yankees parade from an excellent perspective also. Overall, I thought a very good job was done experimenting was the various blending options and tools as well as the creative, diverse selection of pictures used in the collage. I don’t think I could sum up two years of my own life (and have it be as colorful), but Hall’s Mark II managed to pull it off…nice job!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for you critique! I definitely could’ve done more with eliminating some of the backgrounds, and may even try to go back and take your suggestions to create a second version if I get a chance. Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed it!

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