My Get Rich Quick Schemes

Oh, the 1980′s sitcom staple. Anyway, I have been scratching my head trying to think of something that has not yet been done on the web. I had what I thought were some great ideas, but I searched them just to double check and yes, it’s been done. Even cartoons such as South Park run into this same problem because “Simpsons did it.”

That aside, here are three ideas on some (hopefully) original website possibilities…

1) What’s The Scene?
Every travel to a bar, club or any social gathering place only to find that the scene is, for lack of a better term, dead? On What’s The Scene, you’ll have stats on the amount of people in the place, whether or not there is live music, late night eats availability, capacity, neighboring bars, clubs etc. It’s everything you wanted to know about the places you go before you get there…all on one website.

2) Unemployed Freelancer
I have been there, but in this age of transparency, I think this could work. This is a website for folks looking for work in print, web design, web animation, graphic design and the like. People can upload job opportunities, resumes and works they have created, be it school or professional projects. It’s meets LinkedIn meets graphic design. I find that job hunting sites in some cases do not let you upload your files (other than the resume), so this is a way to create your own online portfolio and compare it with others. Can it create competition? Sure, but with competition comes a little more creativity.

3) You Sold Out has done a great job at gauging movie reviews, but what about music? Some might say Metacritic does this, but I can only take so many professionally written reviews that sometime have an agenda. Music reviews by the fans for the fans. Maybe even have people on the site link up to other social media sites too. Sometimes I just want a review that says, “(Random band) latest album sucks (or is awesome).” Is it too much to ask to have a site dedicated to this? I don’t and we all know how opinionated people are in this day and age.

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