iPad? No Thanks, Not Yet.

There was a state of the union address yesterday that stirred much discussion among the nation. That’s right, Steve Jobs introduced the world (officially) to the iPad. Yes, the age of convergence that I blogged about on my last post, now at our fingertips. It is the iPhone meets your laptop. Um, I have each of those machines, if we are “converging” media devices, why do I need a another factor into this equation now? Why do I need more “stuff?” In life, especially today, we move very quickly, so I do not think we need yet another device that overlaps and does much of the same tasks we can already do.

Oh, I almost forgot there was another kind of important address last night (kidding). The iPad is an impressive feat and I think it could revolutionize the future of touch screen computers, but as a hybrid between phones and laptops? I’m not ready to buy. The website cultofmac.com has a blog up saying, “a new era has begun.” Yes, I agree, it is a new era of very expensive toys. To totally backtrack on my last blog, @PhotogAndOp commented that the consumers may suffer with expensive price points as a result of convergence…and was right. While I stand by my stance of convergence, I want to condense my media devices, not add to them. I have my MacBook, which I use at home (and on the road if I must), a smartphone and an iPod Touch. What do I need the iPad for? My nightstand?

I feel we are moving so fast in society, we only take what we need in this world. Don’t want commercials? Skip them. Compact discs taking up too much space? Put them on your mp3 player. To, me an iPad is not an essential item, especially given the economic climate. Plus, I do not really want to pay for the 3g network that (ugh) AT&T is providing.

I also have a slight problem with the name. Sure when you break it down Wii, Twitter and Google, those are words I’d never say 15 years ago, but times change so I might as well get used to the iPad. One thing I think we are forgetting is our friends in Massachusetts. Bad enough, my buddy Boston John pronounces iPod, “iPad” already. Any conversation regarding these products is now a constant Abbott and Costello routine. “Who’s on first?” “Dude, where’s my friggin’ iPad” “iPod? “Ah, forget it.” Oh, the horror.

For those of you that think that everything that Apple touches turns to gold, they do not always.
I really considered purchasing a Pippin (yes, I cannot believe they made a gaming system either) before going with a “safe bet” in the Nintendo 64. I feel the iPad will not join that list of Apple products gone the way of the dodo. However, other than reading e-books and other periodicals, I can’t think of too many other reasons for me to own unless Santa Claus still existed and want to give me one (but that won’t stop me from borrowing any of yours…just to try). There’s always the next-generation version…

Turnbull, G. (2010). $499 iPad: Awesome Over-Sized iPhone At An Undersized Price. cultofmac.com

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